Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planning and Planning

VSU SIFE's second trip to the village of El Remate, Guatemala has been scheduled for the week before the Thanksgiving break week. (from November 15th to 22nd.)

The project, this year, is led by Scott Manley, Assistant Director of the VSU SBDC and SIFE Business Advisory Board Member, along with Jeff Shipley, SIFE Faculty Advisor. Students participating include Cameron Hoopes, director of International Programs, Joe Ervin III, current VSU SIFE president, Leslie Frye, alumni relations coordinator, and Yunjin Jang, director of public relations.

Today, the team VSU SIFE Goes Global had a meeting for the second time. Well, Corey Ca$hion backed out.. so it actually was the first one for the actual fixed team. (haha.) The meeting was held for like an hour. At this meeting, the team mostly talked about how to and what to do with the project and came up with many amazing ideas! spent the hour planning and planning, and planning! o and figured there were a few things to be done before headed down such as getting SHOTs...

At the moment, all six members are so excited about this whole thing already, and yet a bit nervous.. at least Joe and Yunjin are..

However, with your support, the team will do great!
so please show your support and love! Go VSU SIFE!

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