Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Count Down

The count down to departure day has begun. Once again we will head to El Remate, Guatemala to work with the good people there. This year we have a few new tasks one of which I am excited about: We are going to put in a computer lab in Ix-Canaan. After many weeks of work, updating, packing, then finding a way to ship, we have, as of today, 13 computers on the ground in Guatemala City. I want to thank Michael Oppel for the work he did on updating and adding software to the computers. I believe he spent almost 2 full weeks getting them into shape and without his commitment we probably wouldn't have made the deadline.The guys at the VSU Warehouse were also very helpful in getting the shipment off to Guatemala. They helped us pack and wrap so we would have the smallest and least costly configuration for shipping.

They did a great job!

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