Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Day

Another day has passed and we have accomplished much. Nikki and Cameron contacted the majority of the hotels and restaurants in and around El Remate to pass out flyers about the seminars that Nikkin and Scott are giving on Sunday afternoon. At first we thought Sunday would be the incorrect day but culturally it seems it is the best day for sessions such as these.

Scott rebuilt Hotel Gringo Perdido's website, at least the skeleton, yesterday. That was a major accomplishment that we were looking forward to beginning. Today, Cameron and I will try to flesh out the rest of it as time permits.

We had a great lunch in the village of El Remate with an excellent view of the "cocrodillo". This land formation is where Hotel Gringo Perdido is located.

After lunch we walked through part of the village to deliver more seminar flyers. El Remate is very interesting. The people are very friendly and the children are so cute. They love to have their picture taken as you can see.

Our day ended with us traveling back to Hotel Gringo Perdido around 5 p.m. The sun starts setting about 5:30 and it is definitely dark by 6:30. Along the way we stopped to watch some children playing soccer and having fun as the day ended.

The sunset is truly magnificent and will take your breath away. These two visitors to Hotel Gringo Perdido are sharing the moment.

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  1. are you guys planning on using some of your photos for the new website? I hope you all have a good turn out on Sunday!