Friday, November 20, 2009

The task is at hand..

Yesterday was a wonderful day of orientation and learning. Anne Lossing is doing so many wonderful things through the Project Ix-Canaan (Mayan for "Guardians of the Rain Forest.) There is a medical clinic, a library & computer center, a womens center, and plans for much more to come. This is an excellent opportunity for SIFE to make a HUGE difference to complement all the wonderful work done in Valdosta. V-State SIFE goes beyond expectations... goes beyond borders, and goes beyond belief!

Last evening, I was privileged to host a strategic planning session for Hotel Gringo Perdido. Anne Lossing and Alphonse, the property manager, participated, and we brainstormed many ideas to improve the marketing efforts of the hotel. She gave us "carte-blanche" to make changes to the web site, so we are starting with a clean slate. It turns out that Cameron is proving to be an excellent copy-writer, so I'm excited to see how this unfolds for us. I'm also pleased by Jeff's photographic vision, and know that he has many images of the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds us. Nikki is also visionary, in that she is constantly seeing many potential opportunities to make a difference in the future.

We've identified many potential tasks that need to be performed. While our primary goal is to work hard, learn, and help, we also want to have fun while we're at it! Anne is wonderfully entertaining us, with plans to do a canopy (zipline) tour, observe a Mayan fire ceremony, and tour Tikal National Park. Just remember that our primary goal is to work hard!

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