Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wow...too much left to do and not enough time. However, I guess I will make time. The malaria drug is taking a toll on me in the mornings...I feel really bad.
I have loose ends to tie up at work; my students have been so nice wishing me safe travels and such. They are a good group. My staff has been great putting up with my craziness as I get ready to depart.
I guess I will be up packing tonight, going over my checklist(s) (yes I have several!). I have no film for the video camera so I better get to Sam's Club soonest or I will be in BIG trouble!

Above is a photo of sunrise at Lake Peten Itza taken from the web. I will be posting my photos soon but I wanted everyone to have a look. I'll post again soon, probably in the morning.

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