Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 2

Wow! it was an amazing day. We woke up with the sun and had an amazing breakfast. Then we drove to Yaxha which is where some mayan ruins are, I will post some pictures and videos hopefully tomorrow. We walked many miles around and up some pyramids. After wards we went to do the canopy tours which were 12 zip lines combined thur out the jungle. We made some great friends also. Unfortunately the computers are stuck at customs. We had shiped 13 computers to install here at project ix canaan hopefully we will get the paper work resolved and be able to get those by the end of the week. Tomorrow we will be working here at project ix canaan with the local business owners.

In other news. The showers are awesome! I froze my tail off taking one this morning. I took about a five second shower. I learned my lesson from now on I will only be showering in the lake. The lake by the way is beautiful!! You can see the bottom and all the fish around. The food is beyond fantastic, and the views are undescribable.

If anyone has any ideas of what we can do after the sun goes down me and Joe need to hear them. Theres not much entertainment after sunset. Hope this week goes slow because we are enjoying every moment of it!!


  1. Leslie, there isnt much to do there after the sun goes down. By suggestion is to just enjoy those stars!! They are beautiful. Last year Ann had a few board games too that we played! Glad you are enjoying it!

  2. Nikki, unfortunately we almost have a full moon this year. The moon is so bright that it makes it very difficult to see all the stars! It's still amazing, but not nearly the "milky way" experience we had last year!