Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're learning about flexibility

After a poor turnout yesterday, we are completely re-vamping our teaching plans. An enthusiastic discussion over breakfastthis morning helped us develop the consensus to get "back to the basics." Anne has really worked hard to promote the seminars, but we have decided that we set the bar too high... it's hard to talk about promoting a web site when they don't have one, or hard to talk about utilizing facebook for businesses if they don't even have Internet access.

Today, Jeff will be teaching blogging. We're going to provide one on one assistance to any business that wants to utilize a blog as their web space. We'll help them set up e-mail accounts (if they don't have them.) Then, we will show them how to set up a blogger account, create a blog, upload pictures, etc. The plan is to help these businesses individually, but also to create an El Remate community blog. Any that want can be contributors to the blog to individually promote their business and collectively promote their community.

It would really help if we had Internet connectivity. The flexibility we're having to learn is because Project Ix-Canaan's router went down yesterday! Anne has ordered a replacement from Guatemala City, it costs $500 (US) and will hopefully be here in the morning... along with the computers that should have already been here.

Blessed are the flexible... for they shall not be bent out of shape!

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