Friday, November 19, 2010

Still no computers

Well, it is Friday, and we still have no computers. Anne believes that tomorrow may be the day we receive them, so we still have our fingers crossed. It has definitely been a challenge living on Peten time!

We have helped a number of the villagers create google accounts, blogs for their businesses, and facebook profile pages for their businesses. They are very appreciative of the help, and are excited about the opportunity to help one another promote their businesses and the village as a whole.

We´ve made a great new friend, Gabrielle, and she has done an excellent job helping us with translation. She sells jewelry based upon the Mayan calendar, and has hooked us all up with pendants based upon our Mayan astronomical sign. That will be quite a nice keepsake for us.

The weather is not good, because there is a tropical depression brewing off the coast. Hopefully, it will get out of here before we leave on Monday! It may prevent us from taking the trip to Tikal on Sunday. It sure makes for some dreary days and early nights... but the sleep under the tin roof is fitful!

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  1. The computers are still not here! but we are pretty sure they should be here tomorrow.. saturday... Hopefully!!